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Profiled in The New Alpha: Join the Rising Movement of Influencers and Changemakers Who Are Redefining Leadership by Danielle Harlan, PHD: September 2016

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Pro Bono Promotional Video, RAICES

Spring 2016

The Daily Dot: February 2016

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UPS' "Wishes Delivered" Holiday Campaign:  Winter 2015

UPS' "Wishes Delivered" Holiday Campaign: Winter 2015

Featured on Winter 2015

Teach for America's One Day magazine: Fall 2015

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Print version of One Day article: Fall 2015

University of Texas at Austin, The Archer Center: Fall 2015

Featured on homepage: Summer 2015


Article written for Teach for America: Fall 2015

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Post written for Bayview/Hunter's Point Community Legal—Summer 2015

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Speaking Engagements

Coaches for Equality & Diversity —September 2015

Coaches for Equality & Diversity—September 2015

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TFA Talks:   Alumni in Law —December 2015

TFA Talks: Alumni in Law—December 2015

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