mission and vision

I am an immigration rights attorney who is the daughter of a Thai immigrant and an inner city Clevelander. As a second generation immigrant who grew up in suburban Boston, I personally understand and empathize with many personal and legal issues that immigrants may face.

I founded my own Virtual Law Office (VLO) after a year traveling throughout the US giving pro bono legal services via my ongoing crowdfunded project, Attorney on the Move. I worked in a number of immigration detention centers and legal services organizations helping to provide much needed legal help and relief. I have seen firsthand that the immigrant community is boosting our local and national economies and contributing so much to society.

I believe that the immigrant community has deep intersectionalities with many other oppressive institutions in the US and around the world: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism--the list goes on. Specializing in immigrant justice work is the best way I can make the deepest and most heartfelt contribution in pushing back against the status quo as it may intersect with any number of these -isms.

I am offering a sliding scale model for immigration services for those who qualify. I believe legal representation should be accessible for all. I am a Massachusetts licensed attorney and am authorized under federal law to represent clients in immigration matters throughout the United States. My law office is designed to offer immigration services to those who otherwise can’t access it, such as those living in rural areas -- or for those who prefer the ease of working with their attorney from the comfort of their own home.

For further inquiries or to see if we can work together, please use the form above -- thank you!