Last views of the skyline along the Chicago River

Last views of the skyline along the Chicago River

Life's what happens when you make other plans

First, a huge thank you to those who have supported the latest crowdfunder which went up a week ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And, as you may have noticed, the crowdfunding website I used to launch last week is down -- there was an unexpected snafu with the payment processor on Friday night (ugh!). So, this means that the crowdfunder moving forward will have to use another system -- and I have been working round the clock these last few days trying to get an alternate website up and running. (Hence why this post is a 'lil late this week. And I'll be circling back with everyone ASAP -- thank you for your patience and love!)

When I received the news that the processor was down, I felt intense feelings of frustration. All of that work over the last couple weeks only to have a wrench thrown in it and there wasn't much I could do about it except try my damnest to move forward.

And then I started thinking about all the other moments during this journey when things didn't exactly turn out as planned. There have been many!  

There are really two choices

In all of these moments when patience and resolve are tested, there are really only two choices: 1) keep going or 2) not. And I am choosing to keep going. There's something in and of that choice itself that can actually be quite comforting.

I've noticed ever since graduating from college, probably due to some formative professional/personal experiences, that I typically am able to better self-manage when stressful situations hit. And rest assured, internally I am still frustrated as can be -- it's more of how I try to channel that energy/frustration. 

The first step: I think it is super important to allow myself that space to be frustrated and just take time to feel that and let those emotions run through me.

e.g. re: the mice in the trailer situation: AHH!! There are mice in this place. Eff eff eff. I am so tired and I am so effing frustrated and ughhhhhhh. 

The second step: and then I try to decide how to best move forward.

Moving forward now

As for me right now? I am wrapping up my final days here in the Windy City (an immeasurable thanks to my friends who have hosted me!). And I am making my way East -- making my way through the rest of the Midwest including Detroit and Cleveland. And then I am making a very brief pit stop in Boston to take care of some personal/professional life things before making a longer stop in New York City

NYC to me is where arguably the most amount of immigration-based organizations and resources are in the country. I can't wait to interact, learn, and work in this environment -- and be able to take it back to other places throughout the country and incorporate it into my Virtual Law Office.

In the meantime, I am working to get the new crowdfunder site up and running and as soon as it's ready, I will definitely let you all know. 

Thanks for always being in my corner -- through the highs and lows (and there have been so many them throughout this journey!). I hope to see you in the Midwest/East Coast soon!