The leaves continue to fall here in Philly -- with a new season on the horizon.

The leaves continue to fall here in Philly -- with a new season on the horizon.

Dear Friends,

I know this post is coming a day later than usual. As many of you know, I have been volunteering/canvassing for the last week and a half in Norristown, PA (a suburb outside of Philly) for the Hillary campaign. I felt (and still feel) very passionately about the dangers of a Trump presidency and what that means for our marginalized and impacted communities in this country. (Also, if we aren't already connected on Facebook, you can find me there and read more about some of my experiences over these last days.)

I stayed up all night watching the returns (as I am sure many of you did, too) and still feel gutted/heartbroken by the result. 

Over the last 12 hours, I've tried to be easy on myself -- taking time for self-care, pensive reflection, talking with others. And in my next post, I expect to share a much more thorough reflection on what has transpired and where we are going.

But for now, I take this moment to pause. And grieve. As a second generation immigrant myself, I want to share that my commitment to serve the immigrant community is only more emboldened. The road will continue to be tough, but I know there is a passionate community of people here in this country who also believe that immigrants make our country truly great. You are undeniably part of that community and you help give me strength to move forward.

Thank you for your continued support of me and my work and for having my back -- I will always have yours. Let's fight on and organize together. I still believe our brightest days are ahead.

With much love and solidarity,